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Swarms: the details

About the Process

Once a appointment is scheduled, a technician will arrive and perform an onsite evaluate, identifying the types of tools needed to capture the swarm. As the capture process begins, special care is taken to locate the queen bee. This is an essential part of the process, not only for the complete capture of the swarm, but also to ensure the survival of the colony. 

Once the queen is identified, it is carefully secured using a "queen clip", a small device meant to hold the queen without causing harm. She is then be placed in the capture box, where her pheromones encourage all the other bees to follow. Once the swarm is safely acquired, it is sealed and transported to our one of our apiaries. 

Without a queen, it is impossible for the remaining bees to start a new hive. However, in hives that are managed by a beekeeper, it is possible for the queenless bees to integrate into other colonies or to add a new queen the otherwise queenless colony.  In nature, the colony would simply die off. 

After the swarm arrives at our BEEmmunity, they will be moved into their new forever-home where they can grow and continue to pollinate the local fruits, vegetables, trees, and flowers. 

... and you have successfully saved a colony of bees!




A swarm is a collection of bees, typically 50% of a standing hive, that has left the colony in search of a new home. Swarms are nature's way of ensuring the survival of the honey bee species through splitting and usually occurs in the spring as a result of overpopulation of their current hive. On the queen's command, the mass of bees will temporarily relocate to a random spot, typically within 200 yards of their current hive, and hang about while scout bees are sent to search for a new place to call home. The scout bees return to do waggle dances for for the queen to share the potential hive locations (dancing is how bees talk),  Once the queen decides on a an acceptable site, the whole swarm will move in. The bees that remain in the original colony will create a new queen and continue to thrive, thereby turning one colony into two and continuing the propagation of their species.

Got Swarms?

Bee swarms are a time sensitive problem. They have left their hive and are looking to relocate. You do not want them moving into the walls of your house or inside of your car. If you have a swarm on your property (tree/car/house..etc), call now and schedule an expert to safely relocate them far from your house.

Fees based on location and difficulty of recovery. 

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