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The Honey Bee Removal Experts

The Honey Bee Removal Experts

We specialize in the safe removal of HONEY BEE swarms and hives. Save the Bees and dont spray!  


We specialize in the safe removal of HONEY BEE swarms and hives. Save the Bees and dont spray!  

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If you have bees, we can remove them without spraying of killing.

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Saving the bees

Honey Bees are not "pests", SO do not spray them

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Honey Bees are some of THE MOST important creatures on the face of the planet, without which, we would have little to no plant based food, i.e., fruits, vegetables, and grains, etc. They are an essential link of the food chain and they are in trouble. Bees are quickly disappearing. With the onset of industrialized farming, bees are falling victim to the prolific use of pesticides and fertilizers. In addition to the rampant spread of disease and parasites, each year there are fewer and fewer hives. Here at Syracuse Honey, we are working to change that, saving one hive at a time. We specialize in the safe, humane removal of existing colonies from homes and other structures where they have become a nuisance. We relocate those nuisance hives or swarms to sites managed by proper beekeepers. This allows them to continue thriving and producing honey for years and years. In this way, everybody wins. You can get the bees off your property and they can continue making our food. 


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When bees move into your house, it's a major problem. Honeycomb in your walls can create a long term problem that, if left unattended, can cost into the thousands to resolve. If you see bees around your property, you NEED to have them removed. They might not sting you directly, but you'll certainly feel the sting in your bank account.

Do NOT Spray the Bees, have them PROFESSIONALLY removed


If a colony of bees has moved into your home or building, spraying them will likely not solve your problem. If anything, it can make your problem worse. Don't spray or try to kill the bees. Instead, call Syracuse Honey and have them safely and thoroughly removed. This is the best long term solution.


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