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Structural infestation of bees

The walls are buzzing

The honey bee's destructive potential is rivaled only by the termite.  Infestations might not destroy your home, but they can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage.  Colonies can get so bad that the honey will literally soak through the ceiling, run down the walls and across the floors. 


Besides the obvious harm that comes from killing honey bees, calling an exterminator will be a futile effort. Most responsible extermination companies do not spray honey bees. For those that will, they just spray your home with toxic poisons that will only kill a few of the 'forager' bees, (bees that fly out and collect the pollen) at the entrance of the colony. It will likely have no effect on the tens of thousands of other bees and honeycomb encased inside your walls. However, even if the exterminator gets lucky and manages to kill all the bees, you are still not out of the woods. Loads of wax, honey, and dead bees will remain hidden in your walls that will continue cause damage. The dead bees smell like rot and decay and the whole thing will attract all sorts of other undesirable insects and rodents, in addition to becoming a perfect starter home for a new colony of bees. This means more exterminators on an endless cycle until the wax comb, honey, and carcasses are removed.

This is an emergency!

Bee infestations can lead to thousands and thousands of dollars in damages to your home. If you think you have a hive, DO NOT WAIT to call. The longer you wait, the worse it will get and the more difficult and expensive it will become to remove. ACT NOW